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Each FLANNEL collection is considered with precision and care from the design stage through to the finished garment.

Our design team is constantly seeking innovative ways to create contemporary and unique products while remaining true to our ethos. Throughout the design process, our team considers printing methods, materials, trims, sampling and more. We welcome new ideas and innovations with an open heart and mind, constantly evolving toward the best long-term solutions to ensure we are as responsible and sustainable as possible.

At FLANNEL, we prioritise quality. From the way our fabric is sourced to the type of stitching used along the hem, our team passionately considers each and every detail. Our fabrics are chosen to feel soft against the skin. Our intricate detailing and embellishments are purposeful. The seams are clean, and the trims are sophisticated.

We honour craftsmanship and the highly-skilled, artisanal techniques passed down through generations. This celebration shines through our limited-edition silk collections, our hand-made, Italian footwear, custom-designed embroidery, and hand-beaded tassels. Many of our garments feature intricacies which are the handwork of our talented artisans and take many hours and great expertise to produce.

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