• Kristy's Guide to Melides, Portugal

    If you missed Kristy’s first travel blog, a Guide to London in Two Days, click here to learn her favourite places. 

    Following her time in London, Kristy and her husband John flew to Lisbon and drove an hour and a half south to the hidden gem that is Melides, the home of Christian Louboutin’s first hotel; Vermelho. 


    How would you describe Melides?

    Melides itself feels like you have stepped back in time to the 19th century with its whitewashed cobblestoned buildings, blue-line detailing, wrought-iron balconies and terracotta-roofed cottages; all against the backdrop of the coast. 


     Where would you recommend staying?

    I could not recommend Christian Louboutin’s Hotel Vermelho highly enough! It is a boutique hotel with just 13 rooms. Louboutin designed its exterior with his friend, Portuguese architect Madalena Caiado, to blend seamlessly into the town with its powdery blue and white walls, sloped roofs, delicately carved chimneys and artisanal finishings.


    Inside, there is a wealth of eclectic details complete with the most stunning colours, intricate murals, and raw textures. The attention to detail was exquisite and I never stopped finding new things to inspire me. I have not been this excited about a hotel in a long time. Everything was a feast for your eyes. A unique mix of new and old, something I have always loved in our own FLANNEL stores. The food was also superb. From breakfast on their terrace and cocktails in an incredible silver bar to a delicious dinner in their restaurant.


    Where did you spend your days? 

    There are quite a few beach clubs nearby in Comporta. They’re about a 15-20 minute drive but worth exploring. Some of my favourites were JNcQUOI and Sublime. Fashion Clinic Carvalhal was my favourite boutique for clothing and homewares. It is owned by the same people as JNcQUOI. Praia da Galé is another beautiful beach with another great beach club, and Praia Grande de Porto Covo is another cute little town to wander. 


     Melides was definitely a highlight! Keep an eye out for my next travel blog: Copenhagen... X


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